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Watch: DBKL cleaners dug out a large stuffed toy from city drain

Source: Facebook

Kuala Lumpur has been flooded a few times now whenever there’s a continuous downpour. On Wednesday (25 May), the national capital was once again hit by flash floods following a rain that lasted hours.

While we point fingers at the authorities for a terrible city blueprint plan, we should also reflect on our actions.

On 24 May, Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) shared a video on their Facebook page, explaining that flash floods can happen when drains become clogged.

The 8-second video attached to the post showed the cleaners pulling out a large stuffed toy from the manhole in Bulatan Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur, which is a flash flood hotspot.

“Why do you need to dispose of things that you do not need in the drain when there are rubbish bins available?” the city council wrote.

Source: Facebook

They then reminded the public not to throw their unwanted things into the drain, especially undissolvable items, as this could cause drains to become clogged.

“When the drains get clogged, flash flood happens. A lot of people will suffer. Maybe they even lose their belongings. Don’t blame the authorities for not doing their work.” they added.

In the comment section, netizens expressed their disappointment in the litterbugs who irresponsibly dispose of their things into drains.

“This is why we keep experiencing flash floods… because the drains become clogged. Please think before disposing of your rubbish,” a netizen commented.

At the same time, they also praised the city council for their tireless efforts in ensuring that the city’s sewer system is kept well maintained.

Maybe it’s time to stop blaming others and start acting responsibly and only throwing rubbish to where they are supposed to be.

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