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“This is the 3rd time this month!” M’sians got fed up with the frequent service disruption on LRTs

Social News"This is the 3rd time this month!" M'sians got fed up with...

While the public transportation system in our country had brought us convenience in avoiding the traffic congestion, at the same time, it is also a disappointment due to the frequent disruption and breakdowns.

On Tuesday (24 May) morning, there was a disruption along the Kelana Jaya line, where an LRT malfunction was reported at the Taman Bahagia station. This then lead to a massive crowd at multiple stations and passengers were later told to evacuate the train.

Later around 8.45 am, Rapid KL announced the delay in their service via their social media.

It is understood that there is a power supply problem at two Traction Power Sub Stations (TPSS) at Taman Jaya Station and Universiti Station, which disrupted the power supply, thus causing the train to come to a standstill.

About 30 minutes later, the train service resumed at a normal speed and the train frequencies were gradually restored. RapidKL also apologised for the inconvenience caused to the users.

Despite the apology from Rapid KL, Malaysians were not happy with the frequent disruptions that caused them to miss their clock-in time.

On Twitter, many vented out their frustration and anger towards the public transport company and pointed out that this is the third time that commuters had to face LRT service disruption in just 1 month.

“My friend was warned by his boss twice because of your service disruption. He can’t take Grab due to his low income. Now he’s jobless as he got fired. Can you compensate for his loss? Who do I reach out to if I want to sue them?” a netizen said.

Another netizen asked why there are still so many problems despite the trains being refurbished. “Are you guys using spare parts from Kancil?” the netizen asked.

Meanwhile, one netizen tagged the Transport Minister Dr Wee Ka Siong and accused the ministry for its failure in handling the incident.

Last Friday (20 May), the Kelana Jaya line was disrupted for a few hours in the evening causing a massive delay.

Are you a frequent user of public transport? Share your thoughts on our public transport system in the comment section below!

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