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Man in Kedah dies after being shot point-blank by triad members

NewsMan in Kedah dies after being shot point-blank by triad members

A man in Kedah was shot dead at point-blank range by 4 men while returning to his car after lunch at a restaurant in Jalan Kg Baru, Kedah.

According to Berita Harian, the incident happened at 12.38 pm yesterday (25 May) when the suspects arrived on two motorcycles and are believed to have fired at least eight shots causing the victim to die at the scene due to injuries sustained in the body and face.

The 36-year-old victim is reported to have come to the restaurant with his wife and son and a friend. The incident happened after they had just finished packing food to take home.

Source: NST

Kedah police chief Wan Hassan Wan Ahmad said that the victim was shot at a distance of about one meter before he collapsed near his white Toyota Vellfire.

“Investigations found that four men wearing full-face helmets and jackets approached and fired shots at the victim.”

“At that time, the victim was said to have wanted to get into his vehicle. As a result of further inspection, we found eight bullet casings,” he said.

Wan Hassan said the preliminary investigations found that the victim was wanted under Security Offenses (Special Measures) Act 2012 (Sosma) and he was believed to be involved in suspected organised crime and drug-related activities with one case pending under the same Act. 

“However, we are still investigating the motive of the incident in relation to this shooting case and the investigation will be carried out in detail and thoroughly.”

“So far, we are also tracking down all the suspects and will examine the closed-circuit television cameras at the scene to facilitate the investigation.”

Meanwhile, a witness who declined to be identified said he heard “explosions” that he initially thought came from firecrackers but was horrified to see a man collapse, bleeding profusely.

“After the noise, I saw people start swarming the scene and were shocked to find the victim collapsed near his vehicle as four men fled on two motorcycles,” he said.

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