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UUM student found dead in hostel, father demands answers from university

NewsUUM student found dead in hostel, father demands answers from university

A 20-year-old student S Vinosiny was found dead in her hostel room at at Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) in Sintok, Kedah after she left home for just one week to return to campus to continue her fourth semester of her accounting and information system studies.

According to Malaysiakini, the father R Sivakumar is now demanding UUM to come clean on his daughter’s death, claiming that the university initially told him that she fell and lost consciousness on Saturday (21 May).

“They were just being vague and did not tell me what really happened. Only after I asked if my daughter had any signs of life, did they admit she had passed away,” he was quoted as saying by Malaysiakini.

“Her hostel room is sealed now. I did not get to check the conditions there. Even her phone was still locked in the room. The police only passed me her wallet and identification card.”

Source: Berita Harian

Sivakumar also claimed that the university had been trying to keep him from knowing the truth of his daughter’s death, saying that they kept telling him to wait for further investigations.

“I want to know how my daughter died. That’s all. All they said was to ask me to wait for further investigation. In fact, the doctor had already told me the cause of death.” he said.

According to him, the doctor at Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah in Alor Setar, Kedah had told him that his daughter died of electrocution.

When the doctor showed him her body, he saw Vinosiny had obvious burn marks on the face and right hand and her fingers looked purple-blackish as well.

“It is regrettable that the university did not say things clearly when they notified me about my daughter,” he said.

“Now that the tragedy happened, I just want to find out the truth. I want to know the source (of the electrocution). I do not want any hanky-panky things to happen.”

“I do not want other students to encounter the same incident. I can be sure that there is something wrong with the university facilities, but will the university admit this?”

Meanwhile, Kubang Pasu police chief Superintendent Rodzi Abu Hassan confirmed to New Straits Times that a report was lodged over Vinosiny’s death.

“Initial investigation suggested that the student had suffered from seizure but we will have to wait for the post-mortem result to be certain,” Rodzi said.

As for UUM, they have expressed condolences to Vinosiny and her family.

“The cause of death is yet to be ascertained as the university is still waiting for a post-mortem result carried out at the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital in Alor Star,” it said in a statement published on Facebook.

“UUM will be extending all necessary assistance to the student’s family to ease their burden.”

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