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M’sians slam Higher Education Minister for her “business trip” to UK just to understand issues our student are facing there

Social NewsM'sians slam Higher Education Minister for her "business trip" to UK just...

Since the country’s borders reopened, a number of our government members have been going on overseas trips for business purposes. However, it appears that most Malaysians were convinced that these trips would bring any benefits to the country.

Recently, the Ministry of Higher Education had on Twitter shared that Minister Datuk Seri Dr Noraini Ahmad is currently in the UK for a visit to some of the renowned universities there, such as Imperial College and Oxford University.

In the tweet, the Ministry shared pictures of Noraini meeting up with Malaysian student representatives from the ‘Badan Perhubungan Negara UK & Eire’ (BPNUK) organisation.

The meetup session was held at a restaurant and 35 students from all across the country came to meet Noraini and discuss issues that they are facing as a student in the UK.

“It provided an opportunity for the Minister to interact and hear directly about the problems and future of Malaysian students abroad.” the tweet reads.

Meanwhile, that post did not go well with Malaysians and many accused her of practising double standards when it comes to Malaysian students based in the UK in comparison with local students.

One netizen commented, “There are a lot of Malaysian students in Indonesia, India, Pakistan, China and other countries which aren’t as upscale as the UK.”

“However, you won’t ever see or hear of a UMNO Minister going to countries that are not upscale as it is difficult for them to go shopping.”

Another netizen then pointed out that one have to be rich and fancy only for the Minister to come visit and invite you for a meal.

“In Malaysia? The Minister won’t entertain you. You are only small fry. You don’t live in London so the Minister can’t go holiday shopping,” the netizen added.

Several netizens pointed out that the minister could have just hosted a session over an online video call instead of having to be present physically.

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