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TikTok User spotted a familiar couple scamming people in Genting

Can we even trust the people around us if scammers are everywhere?

These tricksters aren’t always the strange dark figures in the alley wearing a trench coat trying to sell you fake watches. They could also be a your friendly neighbour offering you their service and the next thing you know, your whole house has been robbed.

There’s no need to be too paranoid however. Obviously, you have to be careful when meeting new people and look out for red flags to avoid becoming the next victim. Scammers work smart after all but sometimes we can see right through their lies.

A netizen that goes by the username @hudanadiah_ uploaded a series of videos on her TikTok exposing a group of scammers at Resorts World Genting. The first video went viral after gaining 1.2 million views, 61k likes and 1.3k comments. The third video also managed to gain 1 million views.


Hati hati ya semua jangan mudah terpedayaaaa..

♬ original sound – Hud🖤💗 – huda tak srs

In the first video, the TikTok user showed a couple who claimed to be from Pakistan. In her caption, she said that the couple will try to scam people by sharing a story of how the wife lost her handbag and that they don’t have any money to feed their child. @hudanadiah_ or Huda pointed out that the woman did in fact had a handbag hidden underneath the baby stroller.

The scammer couple apparently were not working alone as the video’s caption also mentioned that they came in groups and that there were another couple working in cahoots with them. In a new video, Huda said that the couple’s partners noticed that she was recording and quickly rushed downstairs to warn their fellow scammers.


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