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Man forced to fork out S$5,800 after son accidentally breaks 1.8m golden Teletubby display

A father in Hong Kong was forced to fork out HK$33,600 (S$5,879.52) after his son inadvertently sent a life-sized golden Teletubby crashing into the floor.

Images of the family — a father, mother, and two boys — standing around the shattered and decapitated remains of Laa-Laa, as well as a video of the unfortunate moment, have been circulating on Facebook, with commenters polarised as to whether the family should have been made to pay for the damage.

The father — identified only by his last name Cheng — said that on May 22, he’d stepped out of the toy store in Mongkok to make a phone call when he heard a loud bang.

When he turned around he saw his five-year-old son standing over the fallen Teletubby.

“My son was motionless. He was staring down, looking at the toy,” Cheng said.

Staff at the store, a KKPlus in Langham Place, told Cheng the accident had been caused by his son kicking over the statue.

As a result, he agreed to pay for the golden Teletubby, which retailed at HK$52,800 (S$9,236.61) though he was charged the toy’s cost price of HK$33,600 (S$5,879.52) instead.

Yet, Cheng later changed his mind on the incident after viewing footage of what had happened.

A blurry video of the accident shows the young child seemingly attempting to lean on Laa-Laa, causing the figure to tumble over.

Cheng now believes his son may have been wrongfully accused and that the family is now in contact with the store.

“He took a day off school today,” said Cheng, who described his son as being scarred by the ordeal.

“Yesterday, he asked me three times why the doll was so terrifying.”

Online, debate raged on whether the store should have cordoned off the precariously balanced toy or if the parents should have watched their children more closely.


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