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M’sian slammed school administration for making students to eat on the floor, while teachers dine banquet style

Source: Facebook

During the Hari Raya season, people will normally hold Hari Raya banquets to celebrate this joyous festival.

In many cases, VIP guests will be invited to give a speech and have a feast following that.

However, one banquet that was held at a school went viral for all the wrong reasons. The incident was brought to light by netizen Mohd Fadli Salleh as he shared several photos of the banquet and it immediately drew the ire of netizens.

In the post, Fadli pointed out that it is not appropriate to sit on the floor to eat even though it has been mopped.

In addition, when eating on the floor, the food is placed near the shoes, which is not hygienic as shoes are covered in bacteria, viruses, germs, and parasites.

Then comes the main point of his post, where he criticised the VIPs who enjoyed their feast under a luxurious tent, with chairs wrapped beautifully and the table nicely decorated, while the students eat crossed-legged on the floor.

He said he also received some comments that said the parents these days are too demanding and wanted to complain about everything.

Fadli then said, “This is more of a matter of manners, decency and self-worth.”

He pointed out that such a situation often happens during Ramadan. He then lamented how the organisers are actually celebrating it with the VIPs, instead of the orphans or the underprivileged families.

“We have to wait for the VIPs to start the ceremony, and the VIPs eat at a fancy table while the orphans line up in long lines to eat.” he said.

Fadli expressed regret that this culture has made it to school functions and this should stop immediately.

He then urged school administrators to not make a banquet for students that only VIPs will enjoy while students are neglected.

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