Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Watch: Delivery rider caught on CCTV taking a dump at a parking lot

Social NewsWatch: Delivery rider caught on CCTV taking a dump at a parking...

Delivery riders are always on the move and given the nature of the job, it is difficult to find a toilet to answer nature’s call.

In most cases, riders will need to hold in until they find a washroom. However, what if one cannot hold it in?

Recently, a video showed a delivery rider clad in a pink and white t-shirt was seen looking around nervously before pulling down his pants and answered his calls right at the parking lot.

Source: Facebook

After having done his business, he quickly pull up his pants and acted as if nothing had happened before leaving the “crime scene”.

While there is nobody around to catch him in action, he did not expect that his entire act was caught in full view by a nearby CCTV. The footage was later uploaded to the Facebook group Isu Semasa Hari Ini.

Source: Facebook

In the comment section, most netizens expressed sympathy for the rider and said they understand what the rider had been going through.

Some even asked to not share incidents like this as it could be an emergency for him, while others pointed out that riders hardly had a choice as they had a tight schedule and it is difficult to predict when nature’s call.

Nonetheless, one netizen was amazed how the rider managed to “settle” everything in just 10 seconds while he usually had to spend at least 15 minutes in the toilet.

One netizen jokingly wrote, “Poop Panda!”.

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