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Watch: Hotel in Penang allegedly cancelled guests’ room booking for VIP’s son wedding

Social NewsWatch: Hotel in Penang allegedly cancelled guests' room booking for VIP's son...

A series of videos showing angry guests at the Royale Chulan Hotel in George Town, Penang has gone viral on social media for another allegedly VIP-related incident.

According to the TikTok user Sizuka, guests were left stranded in the lobby of the hotel after their rooms were absurdly cancelled to be allowed to a very important person’s (VIP) son’s wedding guests.

The sudden cancellation had left guests confused as they were not given any notification until they were about to check-in at the hotel.


Bila abang chinese ni datang demand siapa yang buat wedding and amik bilik kitorang tu baru menggelabah.#royalechulanpenangscam #fyp #fypmalaysia

♬ original sound – fayyeyo – Sizuka

Guests have also double-checked their respective bookings, which they made through websites such as Booking.com and Agoda, there were no such cancellations.

The guests later found out that a VIP’s son was hosting his wedding at the hotel and their rooms that were booked were sold to his wedding guests.

Naturally, the stranded guests are not going well with this and they accused the hotel management as being a scammer because they had already paid for the room prior to their arrival.


Tak kisah lah kau nak jual bilik kitorang kat sesiapa pun tapi at least compensate and cari kan kami hotel lah kalau rasa bersalah. Bukan buat d0n0 je tak ada solution macam ni 😑 #royalechulanpenang #fyp #fypmalaysia @royalechulanpenang @Booking.com

♬ original sound – fayyeyo – Sizuka

As for Sizuka, she said that she had given the hotel management a call before going and they told her to come without mentioning anything about her booking being cancelled.

In the comment section, she mentioned that over 10 families were affected by this cancellation, which included infants and senior citizens.

Unfortunately, the situation turned worse when the hotel management allegedly told the affected guests to settle the issue themselves. Sizuka said that the staff only told them, “I don’t know”, without even bothering to apologise to those affected.

She added that as of 15 May, the hotel management has yet to compensate the stranded customers nor has it issued an apology.

Meanwhile, another video taken by another netizen showed that police officers were called to investigate the incident. However, the police have not issued any statement regarding this incident at the time of writing.

An affected customer also mentioned that Agoda did try calling the hotel but no one answered the call. The infuriated customers then requested the proof of cancellation so they could get their refund but the staff did not cooperate with them.

Since then, netizens have left one-star ratings on the hotel’s Google Reviews and criticised the team’s bad response to the incident. At the same time, angry netizens are also flooding the hotel’s socials with criticisms.

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