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Student landed in ICU after being punished to 30 rounds with face mask on

Social NewsStudent landed in ICU after being punished to 30 rounds with face...

It is normal for teachers to punish students for not finishing their homework. It is important to note that only appropriate punishment should be given and is targeted at making the student learn their lesson.

However, a physical education (PE) teacher from a high school in Johor has apparently taken this overboard and allegedly ordered the entire class to run 30 rounds at the school’s volleyball court with their face mask on.

According to China Press, the incident took place last Wednesday (11 May) at Foon Yew High School in Kulai, Johor, with one student being rushed to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after she experienced severe heart palpitations from the rounds.


According to a Facebook post by the student’s aunt, the student was unfairly punished along with her classmates as some of them had not completed their homework, while she had completed hers.

The aunt explained that after 15 rounds, the student experienced difficulty in breathing as she was wearing her face mask. She was later allowed to complete the remaining rounds by walking.

“When she arrived home, she complained of breathing difficulties and chest pains. We quickly rushed her to the hospital as her heart rate had shot up to 200bpm.”

“She even had to undergo cardioversion for a few seconds to regulate her heart rate. Thankfully, her condition improved after spending a night at the ICU,” she said.

Source: China Press

Meanwhile, the student’s mother had also expressed her displeasure in a now-deleted Facebook post, questioning why the PE teacher insisted on punishing the entire class.

“I’m extremely suspicious of his methods. Why make them run when they can walk instead? Is it because he already had a timeframe in mind for this punishment? Or is it because of the hot weather?”

“The school management denied forcing the students to put on their face masks but my daughter said otherwise. She also said that the PE teacher once told the class that they had to wear a mask during exercise unless they were unwell.”

“If she’s lying, why is it that the entire class had to wear a face mask while running 30 rounds?” she asked.

She then condemned the teacher for unfairly punishing her daughter. “It’s not to say that my child is spoilt or cannot be disciplined. The issue is that there’s always a limit to punishing students! When I heard that she had to undergo cardioversion, my heart ‘died’ as well.”

After the incident went viral, the school’s principal Ng Fui Choo told the Chinese daily that the PE teacher had realised his mistakes and apologised to the student’s parents after they met up with the school’s management on Wednesday (18 May).

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