Saturday, January 28, 2023

Watch: Local TikTok influencer claims to fell victim to counterfeit notes, netizens not convinced

Social NewsWatch: Local TikTok influencer claims to fell victim to counterfeit notes, netizens...

Scammers have several different tactics to squeeze money out of their victims and anybody can be a victim, including billionaires.

Recently, TikTok influencer Puteri Sari claims that she had fell victim to an entrepreneur who allegedly scammed her with counterfeit notes for a paid review.

In a video she shared on her TikTok, Puteri Sari and her friend can be seen storming into a building while accusing a group of people of fooling them. The video has since garnered over 8.6 million views and 20,000 comments.

According to Puteri Sari, the accused entrepreneur is Siti Jamumall and she had opted to pay her in cash instead of transferring the money online.

During the confrontation, Puteri Sari threw the supposedly counterfeit notes to the ground and her friend continued to scold the entrepreneur for lying to them before leaving the scene.

Meanwhile, the Kuantan-born content creator posted a follow-up video to explain the incident. In that video, she said that she was invited to Siti’s open house where they talked about doing business together.

She then showed a close-up image of the cash she received and point out how the back of the note was white.

However, netizens were not convinced if the TikTok influencer was scammed by the entrepreneur or if it is just another piece of content she made for publicity. Many said that the first video seemed as if it was scripted.

Meanwhile, a netizen pointed out that the linktr.ee link on her TikTok page directed visitors to Dato Seri Vida’s socials, which added even more suspicion.

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