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M’sian suggests that beef be separated from other dishes as respect to Hindus, similar to pork for Muslims

Social NewsM'sian suggests that beef be separated from other dishes as respect...

As Malaysia is a Muslim-dominant country, most Malaysians, even the minorities are all familiar with the concept of ‘halal’ and ‘haram’.

It is also important for us to be considerate of the cultures of the other races and thus, grocers would have a small corner that sells all ‘non-halal’ ingredients, such as pork and alcohol.

However, a netizen had recently pointed out why is it that only pork has to be separated for the Muslims and not beef for the Hindu friends?

In a tweet, netizen Kamal shared that he believes that beef, just like pork, “should be clearly stated and separated” as a sign of respect to the fellow Hindu community.

He then gave an example of how hotels and restaurants are required to make clear that they serve pork, the same practice should also be applied for beef.

He also shared that he noted that an Indian woman at lunch was confused about whether the meat served was chicken or beef. This is because “both types of meat were placed side-by-side without proper separation.”

“Imagine if it was chicken and pork. Public outrage for sure,” he added.

Source: Facebook

What does netizens think?

Kamal’s tweet has sparked a huge discussion among netizens with many defending the current practice, while some shared their experiences of being the minority in the country.

Many said that it is not reasonable to cater to every religion’s rules, especially if the rule applies to only a minority group who practise that specific religion. One netizen even urges to not overcomplicate things.

However, such statements were quickly countered by a netizen who pointed out that it’s not a matter of being the minority but it’s the respect for the Indian community.

“It doesn’t matter how many are Hindus or how Muslim minority are treated elsewhere or how your friends go against it. It’s the fact that there are practising Hindus that cannot eat beef and we do nothing to respect it but cry wolf when it’s pork.” the netizen said.

Meanwhile, one netizen pointed out a quick solution to this matter, which is to choose which restaurant to dine in, similar to how Muslims only choose halal restaurants to have their meals.

Nonetheless, being in a multi-racial community, perhaps the best would be that restaurant operators to explicitly state the dish contains beef.

Do you think something should be done to cultivate respect for each religion in the country? Share your thoughts in the comment section below?

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