Thursday, March 30, 2023

M’sian nightclub-goer gives away RM100,000 in cash with money gun!

Social NewsM'sian nightclub-goer gives away RM100,000 in cash with money gun!

Starting 15 May, nightclubs in the country have officially been allowed to operate again. This reopening is great news for operators and patrons who have yet to step foot in clubs since the Movement Control Order (MCO).

Recently, a video showing a man allegedly giving out RM100,000 in cash using a Supreme spray gun at a nightclub in Subang went circulating on social media.

The video was posted by local influencer Gatita Yan in a series of Instagram stories. In the video, she can be seen standing in a small booth surrounded by glass walls with a few others, while the crowd outside the booth dances to the music too.

Source: Instagram

The video also showed a man clad in a black t-shirt loading RM50 notes into the Supreme cash cannon before releasing it to the crowd, with cheers following each shot.

However, he wasn’t the only one doing it. Apparently, Gatita herself also got to take a shot with the money gun. Certainly, the group had a great time, including the guy who was freely giving away the cash.

In the caption of the video, Gatita wrote that the man had supposedly ‘shot’ RM100,000 into the party. However, she also explained that the man was a capable person and asked netizens to not verbally attack him due to this incident.

Source: Instagram

The incident is believed to have taken place on Sunday night (16 May), but Gatita has since deleted the Instagram stories at press time.

According to China Press, the man at the club is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur and a luxury watch dealer. This might explain his indifference to giving all that cash away.

The video has since sparked a mixed reaction among netizens, with some saying that he should use the money more meaningfully, while the rest jokingly commented that his days may be numbered as Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) may visit him soon.

Source: Instagram

Some also asked the man to share the money with them if he plan to do it again in the future.

Another netizen pointed out that the man was simply spending his own money as he liked and that others had no right to judge him.

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Watch the video here:

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