Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Maybank introduces MAE ATM Cash-out feature that allows you to withdraw money without an ATM card!

Tech & GamesMaybank introduces MAE ATM Cash-out feature that allows you to withdraw money...

Maybank has just introduced a cardless withdrawal feature that allows its customers to withdraw money by scanning only a QR code on your smartphone!

With this cash-out feature, ATM cards are no longer required. All you need is your smartphone with the MAE app installed and use a supported Maybank ATM. The MAE app is available on the Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store and Huawei AppGallery.

However, before you use this ATM Cash-out feature, you’ll need to register yourselves for it.

Meanwhile, Maybank suggests that you put the shortcut on your MAE’s home screen for a better withdrawal experience. To do so, launch the MAE app and tap on “Manage” on the Quick Actions section. You will need remove one action which you don’t use and then add ATM Cash-out to the list. Following that, you should see “ATM Cash-out” on the home screen of your MAE app.

For first-time users, you’ll need to agree to the T&C and verify your activation with a One Time Password (OTP) that’s sent to your registered mobile number. After submitting your application, you’ll need to have for 24 hours before you can can start using the feature and it will follow your existing daily withdrawal limit.

If you wish to increase your daily withdrawal limit, you can do so at the ATM but this action will require your ATM card.

After the activation, head out to a Maybank ATM that has the QR code on the home screen. According to Maybank, the feature is being rolled out nationwide and it’s currently available at 998 ATMs nationwide listed here.

The withdrawal process will be similar to making an eWallet transaction. You’ll need to launch the MAE app and tap on the QR button at the bottom of the screen to start scanning the code.

You’ll need to authenticate your transaction by entering your PIN or you can use your phone’s fingerprint or facial recognition feature. Following that, enter the amount and then select which account you wish to withdraw from.

For withdrawals above RM1,000, an additional Secure2u authentication on your registered mobile device is required.

After you’ve done that, the machine will dispense your money. Meanwhile, the app also allows you to save up to three preset amounts in the Cash-out page.

Maybank also clarified that there will be no extra charges incurred for using this feature. It added that the ATM will not print out any receipt if you use MAE’s cash-out feature. The transaction will instead be recorded in the app and you can refer to the digital receipt provided.

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