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“Karen” sprayed her breast milk on someone’s car over a parking dispute

“Karens” are really something else. There’s always something new going on with them and it doesn’t matter if they’re male or female, “Karens” come in different shapes and sizes. The way their mind works is still a mystery but they seem to love causing a scene.

We’ve heard “Karens” yelling at security, throwing a tantrum and they will always do their best to play the victim. The recent “Karens” stories have been local but thankfully this next one is not local because we’re not sure how people will react to this.

A post that’s been shared on Reddit has been going viral recently. The post is a video that shows a Caucasian woman spraying her breast milk on someone’s car over a parking dispute. The video was posted by user @u/CantStopPoppin and has gained over 13k views, and 1.1k comments at time of writing.

The woman in red pulled out one of her breast and start spraying her breast milk on a man’s car window. The man recording the video told the woman that what she’s doing is public indecency to which the woman defended herself saying that it’s only breast milk. It is currently unknown if the man recording the video is the same one who posted on Reddit.

The man warned the woman that he has caught her on video and threatened to call the police to which the woman again replied that it’s just breast milk and that it’s not indecent. According to the license plate on the car shown in the video, the incident presumably took place in Washington, United States.

Reddit users reacted to the subreddit post with many commenting on jokes relating to the recent formula shortage issue. Some users were utterly disgusted with the woman’s action even if the man did steal her parking spot. There were also a few that defended the woman assuming that the man did steal her parking spot based on how he parked his car in the video.

So far, there has been no further updates on who actually stole the parking spot or whether the woman was arrested or charged for public indecency. Regardless of who is wrong or right, these things can be settled peacefully without getting authorities involved or going viral for that matter.


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