Grocery Delivery Platform assured you to enjoy Farm-Fresh Goods in an instant

During the pandemic, almost everyone panicked about groceries. We’ve seen shortages, crop dumping, and rising prices. As a result, grocery delivery platforms got on people’s radar: simply order online and have it delivered!

However, now that people have shifted into the endemic phase, does that mean grocery delivery will also be left behind?

Gogopasar, a grocery delivery platform, says that the groceries are here to stay, delivered to you directly from the farm.

Gogopasar, founded in September 2019, is now a subsidiary of FGV Integrated Farming Holdings Sdn Bhd, under FGV Holdings.

Now, FGV Holdings also has business components which include fresh produce, cash crops, rice paddy, animal feed, livestock, and dairy farming.

This means that Gogopasar is the only end-to-end virtual grocery retailer which integrates the supplier of the groceries, warehouse storage, logistics and delivery!

This also means that they have direct control over their suppliers and farmers that are growing, packing, and shipping out the fresh groceries to ensure the top quality at the best price.

While other grocery delivery platforms only offer delivery from nearby grocery shops, Gogopasar essentially ships the groceries directly to your home, bypassing the physical grocery store entirely.

It also means that customers can be assured that the groceries received will be the best quality possible.

In fact, Gogopasar was started for quality reasons: founder Haslinda Alias was frustrated and never fully satisfied with the quality of fresh produce offered at regular supermarkets.

Customers won’t need to worry that their supermarket may not stock the vegetable or grocery they want at the stores, because Gogopasar will be able to source it directly from the farm itself.

Additionally, Gogopasar also stocks high-quality organic produce at an affordable price. In fact, Haslinda says that their organic produce is in such high demand that sometimes people can’t even wait for the delivery.

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