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“Dancing is prohibited in Islam!” Local influencer Sabrina gets criticisms for putting a bad image of Islam

Social News"Dancing is prohibited in Islam!" Local influencer Sabrina gets criticisms for putting...

With over 400,000 followers on Instagram and over 205,00 followers on YouTube, Sabrina Azhar is definitely making waves in both South Korea and her home country, Malaysia.

Sabrina started vlogging about her life in South Korea as a Mechanical Engineering Student at Hanyang University, Seoul and she has since gained more and more followers for her content resonated with her fans.

However, Sabrina had recently come under criticism from some Malaysians for making statements that appeared to undermine the Islamic teachings in an interview with BBC.

In the interview, she mentioned that some people do not like to see women wearing hijab and dancing. “They say, in Islam, women are not supposed to dance or sing. But it’s the 21st century now,” she said.

She added that some even go to the extent to criticise women who put themselves on social media and they should not be objectified by men when they perform in front of them.

“For me, as long as I think I’m doing the right thing, I’m not harming anyone then I think it should not be a problem.” she said.

Nonetheless, this did not go well among netizens with many accusing her of spreading the wrong values of Islam to the rest of the world.

“Dancing is totally haram when we posted in social media and the ajnabi(s) saw it. If you love dancing, go ahead and continue to do that but don’t post it on social media. And you’re influencer with hijab, you brought Islam name’s wherever you go. Don’t cross the line.” a netizen said.

“As a K-pop fan myself, I disagreed with her statement. If you really want to commit a sin, then please don’t ever say any wrong statement about Islam. We have a rules sister.” another netizen said.

On the other hand, many also supported her for doing the right thing and said they did not understand why this ended up as a big issue for many.

“I don’t understand the hate. She is just showcasing her talent to the world and she got bashed because she is a hijabi? What if she was a he or she doesnt wear the hijab? Will she be treated differently?” a netizen commented.

“Oh please, Yuna was judged for not wearing hijab ‘properly’ before this and she even said in an interview that she used to be criticized for wanting to do music. On top of that, people told her to wear clothes like ‘proper Muslim.”

“You all just found a new victim to hate on now.” another netizen said.

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