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What do Malaysians think about the “Keluarga Malaysia” concept?

Source: Twitter & Bernama

The concept “Keluarga Malaysia” or Malaysian Family was first brought up by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri as he took over the administration from former Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Recently, a well-known surgeon Dr Amalina Bakri came under fire for using the “Keluarga Malaysia” slogan in an interview.

This came after she attended a Raya open house in London that was attended by several public and highly influential figures, including the prime minister.

In an interview with Dr Amalina, she said “I feel very happy to be able to celebrate Raya with “Keluarga Malaysia” and the Prime Minister. We must work together to build on the “Keluarga Malaysia”.”

However, her comments did not go well among netizens, with many criticising her for appearing to be promoting the “Keluarga Malaysia” concept.

Apparently, netizens believed that the “Keluarga Malaysia” concept is just a propaganda used to promote Ismail Sabri’s government.

Meanwhile, other netizens also pointed out how easy it is for Dr Amalina to say it when she is living comfortably abroad, while the average Malaysians are stuck here.

“You’re just talking nonsense saying that you want to build the “Keluarga Malaysia” whilst you’ve secured a life outside. Try living here,” a netizen said.

“‘Let’s build Keluarga Malaysia’ said a doctor who currently resides in London.” another netizen said.

After the issue became viral on Twitter, Dr Amalina has responded to the criticisms and clarify that it was not her intention to promote the administration and urged Malaysians to stop politicising everything.

“Apologies that I have offended some of you. Someone interviewed me to ask me to wish Selamat Hari Raya and my wish for “Keluarga Malaysia”. Why is this suddenly becoming political? I thought that’s the slogan for the country.”

“I would attend Raya open houses every year if I received an invitation from the Malaysian High Commission, regardless of the political figure. So did many people there. Stop politicising everything,” she added.

Despite her explanation, netizens are not having it. A netizen then explained why her comments were considered offensive. “No Dr Amalina, you don’t understand – the term ‘Keluarga Malaysia’ is propaganda initiated by this government that has betrayed the democratic mandate, and intends to win election.”

“Everyone here knows that. Once you mention it in positive light, people will think you side with them. If you wanted to not politicise it, you could’ve just gave your announcement without mentioning “Keluarga Malaysia”, but you’ve made your choice.”

“‘Keluarga Malaysia’ was never our country’s slogan, neither is 1 Malaysia, they’re political slogans disguised as government motivation,” the netizen said.

In response Dr Amalina said she was asked to wish and hope for “Keluarga Malaysia” and she answered the question from the interviewer. “My mistake for being naive.” she said.

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