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Couple in Johor surrendered themselves to cops after video of their 10YO son driving to school went viral

Social NewsCouple in Johor surrendered themselves to cops after video of their 10YO...

Recently, a 9-second video showing a 10-year-old boy driving a car went viral on social media with many criticising the parents for allowing their underage child operate an vehicle.

The video showed the boy driving a Perodua Kancil from his house while his siblings dressed in their school uniforms were seated in the vehicle.

According to the caption, the boy had to drive himself and his siblings to school because their mother didn’t get ready in time to send them.

“When mama is very late to send them to school. My 10-year-old son will drive to school. He’ll bring his siblings along too. Be careful, my son,” the caption reads.

However, after realising that a video of their son driving a car without a license was being investigated by the police, a couple surrendered themselves to the Pontian District Police Headquarters in Johor on 12 May.

Source: Facebook

According to Harian Metro, the Pontian District Police Chief Superintendent Mohammad Shofee Tayid said an investigation was launched by the Investigation and Traffic Control Division.

The detailed investigation and found that the incident happened at 7 am on Tuesday (10 May) in Pekan Nanas while the children were getting ready for school.

“The mother of the 3 children admitted that the TikTok account who showcased the video was her account,” he said.

Shofee said the investigation was carried out in accordance with Section 42 of the Road Transport Act (APJ) 1987.

“Parents or guardians who allow a minor to drive a vehicle can be prosecuted under Section 33 of the Children Act 2001. Besides that, the owner of the vehicle can be sued according to Section 39 (5) APJ 1987,” he added.

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