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Hamzah: Party hopping is normal and it is for the good of the people

NewsHamzah: Party hopping is normal and it is for the good of...

Jumping from one party to another is normal. In fact, it has been there for decades and there should not be an issue if the reason for switching allegiances isn’t personal, says Home Minister Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin.

Hamzah, who is Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) secretary-general said this in response to UMNO’s Datuk Seri Md Alwi Che Ahmad, who said UMNO should be open to MPs who want to return to the party.

“For me, what happened 3 years ago (14th general election) was down to each party’s strategy for the elections and all of it is for the people’s benefit.”

“That’s why I never came out with any statement that could implicate anyone (in party-hopping). The main thing is to ensure we have a working and stable government,” he was quoted as saying by Malay Mail.

He then said that a stable government will allow it to function well and pass laws and bills necessary for the public’s benefit.

He added that this will increase the people’s confidence in the government as it will not swing back and forth.

“A politician switching parties has been happening since our first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman’s time. Even Umno’s president, Tun (Dr Mahathir Mohamad).”

“This shows that throughout time, the main agenda has always been the people. Hence if this (party-hopping) were to happen, as long as the intent is righteous, I see no issue with it,” he said.

Party hopping has led to the fall of the Pakatan Harapan government in February 2020 and the political instability that we have experienced following that.

The anti-party hopping Bill is expected to be tabled in the Dewan Rakyat in the next sitting from 18 July to 4 August following several postponements.

This is due to the government needed more time to deliberate the meaning of the definition of party-hopping.

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