Thursday, March 30, 2023

Neelofa’s son received over RM14,000 in duit raya, netizens urged not to flaunt wealth

Social NewsNeelofa's son received over RM14,000 in duit raya, netizens urged not to...

The Raya holidays have come to an end and it is almost time for children to add up the duit raya they received throughout the festive season. Regardless of the amount of duit raya received, kids are also taught to remain thankful.

Speaking of which, Celebrity entrepreneur Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor has shared that her baby boy, Muhammad Bilal Muhammad Haris has received over RM14,000 worth of duit raya this year.

The jaw-dropping collection the infant received was disclosed by the couple in a video shared on Lofa’s TikTok.

In the video, she and her celebrity preacher husband Muhammad Haris can be heard counting Bilai’s duit raya while the camera focuses on the piles of duit raya envelopes and Ringgit notes on the ground.

“Praise be to God. May He reward goodness to those who handed duit raya to Muhammad Bilal. There were also some who gave him 1,000 dirhams (≈RM1,193).”

“So, the total amount of Bilal’s duit raya collection this year is, RM14,020. MasyaAllah, he’s doing better than us,” the husband-wife duo revealed in the video.

The video has garnered a mixed reaction from netizens, with many expressed excitement at the total amount of duit raya collected by Bilai, while the others criticised the couple for showing off the cash.

“His duit raya beats those who applied for EPF,” a netizen said as he compared the amount to the recent EPF special RM10k withdrawal.

Source: TikTok

“Bilal’s 3 day’s duit raya collection is almost equal to our savings of three years,” another netizen said.

Other criticisms Lofa received include, “The rich get richer” and “Don’t need to flaunt your duit raya this way”.

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