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Café in KL under attack for allowing only Covid-19 vaccinated customers to dine-in

Social NewsCafé in KL under attack for allowing only Covid-19 vaccinated customers to...

Early this month, Malaysia relaxed most of the Covid-19 SOPs to allow the community to gradually return to their normal lifestyle.

Although restrictions to entry premises base on vaccination status have been abolished, some places still choose to require a person to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 before entry or participation in activities.

RGB Café in Kuala Lumpur is one of them but unfortunately, it has met with several criticisms after it put up a Facebook notice regarding its dine-in policy that said they are only open for the vaccinated and those with “low risk” status on the MySejahtera app.


Since then, RGB Café has been bombarded with 1-star reviews on Google Reviews as people cried out for “discrimination”. While on Twitter, someone called the café a “sheeple” — a term by anti-vaxxers that refers to people who get vaccinated against COVID-19 and follow SOPs.

Meanwhile, RGB Café has responded to the keyboard warriors and explained that their policy is to protect their guests, staff, especially the elderly from Covid-19. The owner also said they has witnessed others suffer from the virus’ terrible side effects.

The owner also said they do not to debate on how the policy makes the unvaccinated feel.

“We just want to cook, clean, roast coffee and give our guests a pleasant break in their busy lives.” they said.

“We actually pay for extra staffing to man the door. We would make more money by not caring.”

“Unfortunately, we do care,” they said, adding that they would like to minimize the risk of infection.

Since the incident, the café’s ratings have fallen from 4.5 stars to 3.8 stars. However, patrons and netizens had shown their support for the café. In the meantime, the café also urged Samaritans to help leave a good review on Google to help maintain their rating.

Do you think that businesses have the right to refuse unvaccinated guests? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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