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Watch: Unknown man found hiding in a closet at hotel room in Kelantan

Social NewsWatch: Unknown man found hiding in a closet at hotel room in...

Recently, a woman, who went travelling to Kelantan, was shocked when she opened the closet in her hotel room only to find a man hiding inside it.

The woman shared her horrifying experience on her TikTok account @dobidina.hq in a minute-long video that was posted on 7 May.

According to her, the incident took place on last Thursday (5 May) in one of the rooms at the Perdana Kota Bharu, Kelantan. The luxury hotel is part of Attana Hotels & Resort.

When questioned by the woman, the man claimed that he was scammed by a woman named Sarah and he was supposed to meet her there. He also said that the hotel staff had let him into the room.

However, the woman was not convinced and she demand to know who he is and what he is doing inside her room, where she has been staying with her family. She said that she is a regular customer at the hotel and this incident was the first.

The man can be seen avoiding answering her questions too.

Following the incident, the hotel has released a statement on both its Instagram and Facebook page. According to Perdana Kota Bharu general manager Mohd Iqmal Muslim, he said that the unfortunate incident “is an isolated incident”.

He also revealed that the suspect has since been arrested by the police.

“As this is an ongoing investigation by the police, we are unable to comment further at this stage. The management would like to assure our hotel guest that safety and security is our utmost priority,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Kota Bharu district police chief ACP Mohd Rosdi Daud confirmed the man’s arrest and he said that the incident happened at around 10.30 pm when the woman and her family came back to their hotel room.


They were unable to open the room door through their access card. Thus, they contacted the hotel staff, who accessed the door for them.

Upon entering, an unidentified Malay man was found inside the room, leaving the woman and her family in shock and confusion.

The investigation found that the man works as a security guard and his preliminary drug screening came back positive for methamphetamine.

Rosdi said the suspect also has 3 previous records related to drug offences. He said the investigation is being carried out under Section 448 of the Penal Code for house-trespass.

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