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M’sian parent complained about their children receiving RM3 for duit raya, netizens expressed disgust

Social NewsM'sian parent complained about their children receiving RM3 for duit raya, netizens...

One of the things that every child will look forward to during the Raya seasons is the adults will give duit raya. It is usually given by the older people to the younger ones as a show of love and blessing.

Normally, the duit raya will be given in a green paper envelope and it will be a surprise for those who are receiving it.

Recently, a Twitter post showing how a parent complained that their children only received RM3 for duit raya went viral with netizens criticising them.

The snippet that was shared said that RM3 was the amount during the 90s and is now outdated. The parent then called out the giver as stingy and calculative.

They added that the duit raya should be at least RM5 to RM10 per person especially if the giver appears to be well to do.

Source: Harian Metro

Meanwhile, netizens criticised the parent’s ungrateful attitude and said parents should not spoil their children by giving them money that is more than enough.

Some pointed out that the amount of duit raya given depends on your relationship with the giver. Usually, people would be willing to give more if they have a closer relationship, regardless of their socio-economic status.

Nonetheless, it is rationale to give duit raya based on one’s financial situation and not trying to impress others.

Duit raya and angpows are meant to liven up the festive season and to strengthen relationship among friends and relatives. It should never be about the money.

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