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M’sian in Kuantan paid for her parking with app, but get compounded for not “displaying parking coupon”

Social NewsM'sian in Kuantan paid for her parking with app, but get compounded...

Paying for your parking with apps is nothing new and this system has been implemented a few years back as part of the country’s digital initiative.

However, a woman in Kuantan was issued a fine despite paying for her parking using the state’s parking app, PahangGo.

According to Sin Chew Daily, the woman paid for her parking at 9 am and confirmed that credit has been deducted from her account and the countdown started.

Source: Sin Chew

The woman initially thought it was fine and she went on proceeding with her business. She came back at about 10 am and was surprised to find a compound ticket stating that she did not display her parking coupon.

She now has to pay the RM30 compound but it will be increased to RM300 if not paid within 30 days.

Obviously, she was confused with this situation and she went to the local government administration building to clarify the situation, but they told her they have nothing to do with it and she needs to go to PahangGo’s office in Putra Square to file the complain.

Source: Sin Chew

“I even showed him my PahangGo app to prove that I’ve paid for the parking and the parking timer was still running and valid but he said that the system does not synchronize with the local administration office.” she was quoted as saying by the Chinese daily.

After that, she went to Putra Square but was unable to find the office as it has been relocated.

She then tried calling their office number as well but no one picked up the phone. Disappointed with the authorities, she turned to Sin Chew Daily to tell her story.

Sin Chew also reported that the legal department of the Kuantan City Council reached out and said that the woman can go to their office to settle this issue.

Meanwhile, PahangGo has responded to the woman and said the woman’s parking was valid when the compound was issued, thus, the compound should be cancelled.

Nonetheless, this incident showed how the system can be improved, especially when most states are switching to use online payment.

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