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Lee Chong Wei’s son asks: “What Did Daddy Contribute To My Birth?” on Mother’s Day

On 8th May, many women enjoyed a very pleasant day. People all over the world took the opportunity to appreciate their mothers and mother figures.

Of course, this included our badminton legend, Datuk Lee Chong Wei. Chong Wei has never been shy about loving and appreciating his wife Wong Mew Choo on his socials. He previously penned letters to her both for Valentine’s Day and their anniversary. This time, he got his kids involved, which resulted in a rather humorous conversation.

The badminton legend started off by wishing his wife, mum and other mothers a Happy Mother’s Day. “Thank you for being great,” he wrote. He also advised others to make their wives and mothers happy, humorously adding “Happy wife, happy life!

Chong Wei reminded people not to be impatient with their mums. “Recall the days she washed your butt, sewed your clothes and taught you ABC, cooked for you, taught you to walk and accompanied you when you were sick,” he wrote. “Your mother never had a word of complaint. Who are we to be impatient?

He finished off his post with a funny conversation he had with his sons, Terrance and Kingston. Chong Wei had planned to sing Happy Mother’s Day with his kids when Mew Choo returned. “Don’t forget she was pregnant for 9 months to give birth to both of you,”  he said.

Terrance agreed to the idea immediately, but Kingston had an interesting query: “Mommy (worked hard) for nine months, what did daddy contribute to our birth?” Chong Wei quietly grumbled in his thoughts, “Of course I had an effort in your birth, without me you wouldn’t exist on earth.” However, he decided silence was the best answer and continued watching the Thomas Uber Cup.

Chong Wei apparently celebrated Mother’s Day with his wife, mother and his mother-in-law. It seems he truly appreciates all they have done for him and the little ways they have each influenced his life, both directly and indirectly.

Even though Mother’s Day is over, it’s never too late to thank your mother! After all, there is no time like the present and no present better than time.


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