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Woman takes video of herself hoping to catch the faces of men stalking her

A woman in Malaysia walking alone in a residential area held up her mobile phone to take a TikTok video of her face and background after she realized she might have been followed by men.

The woman, Phichzy10, claimed she was being stalked in the six-second video on May 8.

The caption on her video read: “I’m so freakin’ scared these guys keep following me. Pretending to film a video hope I record their face.”

Captured at least two people behind her

In the video, the woman could be seen glancing to the side and appeared to act as normal as she could while trying to capture the scene behind her.

Despite the video’s short duration, a split-second shot captured a person in yellow standing several metres behind her. Another person could be seen further behind along the corridor.

The video has been watched 3 million times with 2,200 comments.

Those who commented expressed concern and asked if the woman was safe. She subsequently replied that she called her boyfriend and arrived safely at his house.

She also reminded other girls to be vigilant when they are out alone.


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