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Restaurant in OUG criticised for putting up misleading ads and serving non-Halal food, the Muslim owner explains why

Social NewsRestaurant in OUG criticised for putting up misleading ads and serving non-Halal...

Recently, a restaurant in OUG Parklane came under hot soup after it was being ‘exposed’ by a food delivery rider for putting up misleading ads which led to giving customers a false impression.

The rider alleged that the restaurant was operated by a person named Aadham Fareed and his non-Muslim staff wearing shorts.

In a tweet, the rider, Muhammad Hisyam uploaded several photos of the restaurant and said he could not turn a blind eye on the matter as it involved his religion.

He then pointed out how the restaurant has an altar for Tu Di Gong or “Earth Lord”, which is a tutelary deity of a locality and the human communities who inhabit it in Chinese folk religion.

Hisyam then warned the public of his discovery as it is prohibited for Muslims to eat non-halal foods. He also pointed how the restaurant had 4 names, among them are Chef Aadham Fareed, Dapur Ayam Penyet, The Little Kitchen, and Xiao Chu Niang.

He also said the restaurant did not have a halal certificate and the cook of the shop was a Myanmar national.

After the tweet went viral, netizens demanded that the restaurant be closed down until all the concerns had been addressed. Some also blamed the food delivery company for not emphasizing the halal status of a restaurant registered under its app.

Meanwhile, the food delivery company responded to netizen’s call and said the issue has been highlighted to the team responsible for further investigation and clarification.

The restaurant owner’s story

In response to the matter, Aadham has taken to Facebook to explain his side of the story.

“I am the owner of this shop. My name is Aadham Fareed, and I am originally from Sarawak. Now, I am Chinese but Muslim. I’m sorry for changing the brand name. It’s because I want to rebrand and it had been approved by Grab,” he said.

He explained that the Chinese alter is the religion of his family members, and he can’t just throw it away.

Aadham said that his path as a Muslim has not been easy, but he remains optimistic and accepts the situation as a test from God.

However, netizens are not receiving his explanations and they felt he is trying to justify his actions instead of repenting for his mistakes.

Source: Sin Chew

What Islamic NGOs have to say?

Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organisations (MAPIM) said entrepreneurs in the country need to take care of the sensitivity of the Muslim community.

It’s president Azmi Abdul Hamid said netizens should educate and advise entrepreneurs to understand the Islamic guidelines in business related to halal haram law.

“It is most appropriate that he be given guidance rather than just attacking and criticizing.” Azmi said.

He then pointed out how Muslims are now often touched and offended by things that are considered insulting to Islam.

Thus, all parties should consult a knowledgeable party so as not to provoke public anger.

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