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Watch: Man gets beaten up by nasi kandar shop ‘gangsters’ after complaining about price and service

Social NewsWatch: Man gets beaten up by nasi kandar shop ‘gangsters’ after complaining...

A family meal at a mamak restaurant in Negeri Sembilan turned into a chaotic fight after they voiced their unhappiness over the food and pricing on Thursday (5 May).

According to netizen Shahrul, it started when he and 6 of his family members decided to eat in Restoran Nasi Kandar Liga Maju around 12.30 am.

He shared that they initially planned to order fried chicken rice and teh tarik but they were told they could only teh o ais or sirap ice for drinks. Apart from that, Shahrul said they were served plain dishes without any vegetables.

After their meal, Shahrul went to the counter to pay the bill and he was shocked to find that the cost of the meal was more than RM50 for 3 plates of plain fried rice, 2 plates of plain fried maggi and plain nasi lemak.

“My mother asked the cashier how much the fried rice was and he told her that it was RM6 per plate. She then began to complain as she didn’t expect it to be this expensive as it hardly had any ingredients at all, unlike the standard fried rice,” he said.

When asked, the cashier admitted the lack of ingredients and compromised by lowering the bill to RM45, but the Shahrul’s mother was still not satisfied and said that it was too pricey.

After the heated argument, the cashier reported became aggressive and said, “How much do you want to pay then? RM2? RM3?”

Source: Twitter

Having witnessing the cashier’s rude reply, the netizen’s blood boiled. “First, he was being disrespectful to my mother. Second, we’re customers. Is this how you respond to complaints?”

“Out of anger, I took an empty tissue box and slammed it on the counter, but it didn’t hit anyone at all,” he wrote.

The fight started when a staff allegedly came and pushed Shahrul before 5-6 more workers grabbed onto his hand and body. Shahrul also claimed that he was hit repeatedly on the neck, face, and arm and wasn’t given a chance to defend himself while being attacked.

A few customers tried to intervene by breaking the factions apart, while others were stunned by the chaotic situation.

Shahrul said he sustained injuries all over his body including his face and later received treatment at Hospital Jempol.

According to Kosmo, the netizen later lodged a police report at the Bahau police station at 2.31 am and Jempol district police chief Superintendent Hoo Chang Hook confirmed the incident.

He said the case will be investigated under Section 323 of the Penal Code and that investigation papers will be submitted to the Deputy Public Prosecutor for further action upon completion.

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