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Beware of “Durian buying app” that offers cheap prices, police warns of scam

The public has been warned of a durian-buying app called “D4 Durian”, which is believed to be masterminded by a scam syndicate in the state.

According to FMT, the Penang police said there is an increase in scams involving online durian sales ahead of the upcoming durian season.

The police said victims were drawn in by the cheap prices of durians as advertised on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Upon clicking the link, customers would be directed to a link to download the “D4 Durian” app for payment.

The link will then lead customers to a page that resembles an FPX Transaction page. However, the system will hang once the victim enters his username and password.

Following that, the victim will get a message from the bank, saying money has been transferred out of their account to a third-party account.

The amount transferred is usually much larger than the intended purchase.

Some of the victims have since lodged reports with the police.

Meanwhile, the police reminded the public to not download any apps that seemed dodgy and not to reveal their usernames and passwords to third parties.

It is not the first time that people fall victim to this type of scam, though they come in various fashions. Often, victims are asked to download a malicious app via an APK and then led to a fake payment page that’s crafted to look like the official payment page.

Hence, it is best to only download apps that can be found in the Google Play Store or App Store.


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