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Joe Flizzow says Baju Melayu shouldn’t pair with sneakers, sparks a heated debate online

Social NewsJoe Flizzow says Baju Melayu shouldn't pair with sneakers, sparks a heated...

When it fashion for the Raya celebrations, the Baju Melayu is definitely one that we cannot miss. Typically, the traditional fashion is worn with loafer shoes or leather shoes.

Recently, local rapper Joe Flizzow has some advise for those aged 21 and above on how men should dress appropriately in Baju Melayu, but it unexpectedly sparked a huge debate among netizens.

In the 50-secound clip that was uploaded on sneaker-LAH’s Instagram, Joe spoked about how a full set of Baju Melayu should be worn properly and not paired with the wrong shoes.

“This is a word of advice for those aged 21 years old and above. If you’re dressed in full Baju Melayu set (with a songkok and sampin), please don’t pair it with sneakers. Don’t wear it with Jordan, Yeezy, or anything similar.”

“Please, please. Those are for young kids. If you’re a mature adult, please appropriate footwear. Don’t let me catch you wearing Baju Melayu with sneakers, else I’ll come after you,” he said, adding that it should be worn with proper shoes or capal.

Source: Instagram

His remarks have since gained a mixed reaction from fellow Malaysians. Some of them agreed that Baju Melayu has to be worn properly and not paired with the wrong shoes, while others said that there are no rules and regulations when it comes to fashion.

“He’s talking about the culture and custom of wearing the Baju Melayu. Get it right.” a netizen said.

“Agreed! ‘If you’re wearing a full set’ – It’s just a reminder to make you look sleek and good.” another netizen echoed the same sentiment.

On contrary, some said people are free to wear whatever they please and there are no rules or regulations when it comes to fashion.

“People celebrate Raya differently. If they’re happy wearing sneakers, then let them be. Raya is meant to be a happy day and that’s all that matters.” a netizen said.

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