Thursday, March 30, 2023

Doctor slams local artist, Mawi for promoting bogus health juice that treats severe illnesses

Social NewsDoctor slams local artist, Mawi for promoting bogus health juice that treats...

Putrajaya Hospital Medical Consultant and Nephrologist, Dr Rafidah Abdullah has taken to her Twitter to criticise local artist Mawi for endorsing a health juice that supposedly can help patients suffering from kidney problems, diabetes, and high blood pressure and cholesterol.

In addition, she also openly questioned the artist for promoting such products to patients with chronic conditions.   

According to Dr Rafidah, she claimed that Mawi has “lie to patients with chronic illnesses” as the “juice” is in contravention of the Medicines (Advertisement & Sale) Act 1956.

She then urges Mawi to not ride on religious sentiment and to disseminate false claims to promote the product.

Meanwhile, she also criticised celebrities for endorsing questionable products and urge them to study the guidelines on promoting supplements that were issued by the Ministry of Health.

“Stop lying to the elderlies. Enough is enough,” the doctor said.

Netizens supported Dr Rafidah and many pointed out that there are plenty of products that claimed to be beneficial for patients with severe illnesses out in the market.

One netizen even share how her family member’s health deteriorate after depending on the drinks to cure their illnesses.

“My father was afraid of going to the hospital and he depended on this juice. He has now left us,” she commented.

Meanwhile, many do agree that there is a lack of evidence that the juice is beneficial for patients with chronic illnesses.

Previously, Mawi uploaded a video as he explains the benefits of consuming the drinks that he said can help treat kidney problems, among other things.

He then claimed that his relative’s health improved after starting to consume the drinks.

In the event of doubt, you should visit the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency at www.npra.gov.my before consuming any supplements or medications.

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