Thursday, March 30, 2023

6 houses in Kelantan destroyed in fire, firefighters delayed in putting fire out due to water shortage

Social News6 houses in Kelantan destroyed in fire, firefighters delayed in putting fire...

A recent fire had torn down 5 houses in Berek 12, Kelantan, leaving more than 20 people homeless just days before Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Unfortunately, it was reported that the firefighters did not managed to put the fire out as there’s a water shortage in the area.

According to Twitter user @isusemasaviral, the fire broke out at 9.45 am and initially it was only 1 house, but the fire continued to spread to the surrounding houses.

“I called the fire department and they arrived within 15 minutes.” the Twitter user shared.

After the firefighters arrived at the scene, they then realised that there was no water.

“I wondered how the fire brigade wanted to put out the fire with the lack of water in the Berek 12 area. In the end, my guess was correct, there’s no water. Even in Bomba’s pipes there’s no water,” they said.

Thus, the firefighters had to bring over water trucks to put out the fire.

The user also explained that they have been experiencing the water shortage for quite a while.

“This is what it’s like for us, the people of Kelantan. My own house has been without water for 11 days,”

“All of this is the work of Air Kelantan Official, but that is how the people are ignored. No matter how you complain, they will only answer with ‘there is no water’. This time the houses were on fire. If there was water, many houses could have been saved,” they said.

Sadly, 6 houses were completely destroyed by the fire.

“Now, as I am posting this at 11:43 am, there are still small fires that cannot be extinguished. Because the water in Bomba’s truck has run out,” they added.

Nonetheless, they remained thankful that nobody was hurt in the fire but they still hope that the water supply is restored.

“Until when do we, the Kelantanese, have to have this water shortage problem? When there is a big fire like this, the people suffer. Fortunately, there were no casualties.” the user lamented.

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