Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Watch: Innocent passersby run and scream as some shoot fireworks at them

Social NewsWatch: Innocent passersby run and scream as some shoot fireworks at them

In Malaysia, the only legal fireworks are ‘Pop Pop’ and ‘Happy Boom’. However, almost every festive season, we’ll be able to hear the cheers and see the gorgeous colours of various fireworks due to the leniency of the authorities.

Now, it appears that some irresponsible ones are taking advantage of this leniency.

According to a video shared by China Press, someone standing from a higher vantage point can be seen aiming the fireworks at people as they enjoy the night air somewhere in Malaysia.

Source: Facebook

In the meantime, the people ran as the fireworks burst around them and the scene was chaotic.

Some of them took cover behind cars as the hot sparks from the fireworks flew past them. The whole area can be seen becoming smokey from the fireworks.

If you take a closer look at the video, the fireworks could also be seen being shot from a bridge over a body of water.

Nonetheless, the location of the incident was not revealed and it is believed to have been taken at a recreational area somewhere in Malaysia.

Fireworks should be played responsibly as it can bring serious injuries to innocent people.

We hope that the authorities will take action against the irresponsible party who thought it would be a good idea to shoot fireworks at people from above.

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