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Police are catching traffic violators with drones, especially those who misuses the emergency lanes

NewsPolice are catching traffic violators with drones, especially those who misuses the...

During this festive season, we’ve heard of many incidents of drivers misusing the emergency lane to cut the queue. This is totally violating the traffic rules and violators can be slapped with a fine.

In a Facebook post, PDRM’s Traffic & Enforcement Department (JSPT) said that they are now deploying drones to monitor the traffic during Raya, as well as catching the traffic violators who misuse the emergency lanes on the highway.

In an operation known as Ops Selamat 18, JSPT said the monitoring operation was conducted on Sunday (1 May) on PLUS highway.

The team, Unit Drone Team Bravo, deployed the drone in the air and spotted vehicles using the emergency lanes. With this additional air surveillance, the police can get photographic and video evidence and violators are issued a summon of RM300 on the spot.

According to Deputy Director of JSPT, YDH Dato’ Nadzri said the operation is successful in minimizing the misuse of emergency lanes due to the drivers’ awareness, as well as their fear of being recorded and getting fines.

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Razarudin Husain reveals that there were 28 deaths due to road accidents reported on the first day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, with 19 deaths involving motorcycles, 6 involving cars, two involving pedestrians, and one jeep driver.

As of 2 May, 76 have died in road accidents since Ops Selamat 18 was launched on 29 April 2022. Selangor recorded the most fatalities with 10 deaths, followed by Pahang with 9 and Kelantan with 8.

Razarudin also said that 211,235 traffic summons have been issued which include 81,753 summons for speeding.

Apart from catching traffic violators with their own footage, the police are also looking into viral videos of traffic violations on social media. Starting January this year, they have been featuring viral videos on their Facebook page as well.

We hope that people stay abide by the traffic rules and drive considerately.

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