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Netizen shares how he had to look for his parcel at the courier warehouse as they are severely understaffed

Social NewsNetizen shares how he had to look for his parcel at the...

Are you waiting anxiously for your parcels? Here’s some bad news for you. You may have to wait for a little longer as it appears that a courier warehouse is experiencing troubles retaining their staff members.

In a post shared by the Taiping Zone Facebook page, they said a person recalled how he had to head to the courier warehouse in Kamunting, Perak, to pick up his parcel and later find out that he has to head into the warehouse to search for it themselves.

According to him, this is because the courier warehouse is severely understaffed to handle its operations.

Source: Facebook

He then shared the reasons why the courier service could not retain its employees.

“Many of these centres are managed by agents, and not the headquarters. When the staff works with the agents, many commission rules pressure staff members to a point where these terms and conditions can make staff members work without pay,”

“Among the conditions that I found out earlier, each runner here must deliver no less than 50 parcels a day with a low wage.”

Source: Facebook

“If they deliver less than 50 parcels, it will not be counted as a delivery and the agent will also deem not present even though they had sent 40 parcels on the day,” he explained, adding that disappointed staff members end up quitting their jobs.

He also shared some images of the warehouse as he was asked to look for his parcel himself.

Nonetheless, the person found his parcel and there was some kind staff who helped him search for it.

“My parcel was found and my problem was solved,” he said.

“Have you received your parcels yet? Come search for it yourself,” the netizen said if not yet.

He also urged the people to be understanding and not show their anger for having to wait as the delivery riders are already stressed by having to deal with the pressure of these agents.

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