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Man from China thinks that Malaysian say “Thank You” too much

It’s common courtesy for us to say “thank you” upon receiving something, or whenever we need to express gratitude. But can the expression be too excessive when the phrase is repeatedly said?

Recently, a man known as Xin, who is from China but stays and works in Malaysia has expressed his thoughts about some Malaysians who LOVE to say thank you repeatedly.

Don’t get him wrong! He’s not against us being too polite but he’s just not used to the norm and culture here in Malaysia. Xin, who is a street food seller in Malaysia explained how his Malaysian customers typically say thank you 3 times. 

In his Dou Yin video, he said that it’s only common for him to respond to the phrase every time his customers say thank you and for that, he says “you’re welcome” 3 times with a nod each time, a similar gesture from his customers when saying thank you. And he’s not too happy with all the nodding. Here’s why.

In the video, he revealed that he is suffering from Cervical Spondylosis, a disease that affects the spinal discs in the neck. While Xin is definitely not against the “3-times thank you” culture in Malaysia, he reminded the people that a simple thank you is more than enough.

At the end of the video, Xin joked and rhetorically asked his Malaysian customers, “are you going to cover my medical expenses when my disease worsens?”

Xin also said that he does not want people to think that the Chinese are rude, so he just responds to each & every thank you. You can listen to Xin’s clip here.


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