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Teacher tricks students with ‘touchscreen’ blackboard

A teacher will think of many ways to engage students to learn, but one Malaysian teacher recently went viral for their ingenious idea.

A TikTok video recorded in a classroom showed a TV monitor that acted as a blackboard, with a picture of several animals projected on the screen.

The primary students were supposed to identify and write the letters to spell out the name of the animal on the “touchscreen” board.

A little girl stepped up to the board and was told to write the first letter and she proceeded to write the capital letter “R” but surprisingly the letter did not appear.

At this point, the girl even looks at her own fingers as if wondering why the letter did not appear. She tried to write a couple more times, and the letter appeared on her third attempt.

The camera then pans down to reveal that in fact, it was the teacher who was tracing the letter out on a touchscreen tablet so that it would appear on the monitor. In the last part of the video, it sounds like the teacher is laughing at his own trick.

The video is entertaining to watch and the teacher should be applauded for finding an interesting way to get them to learn about animals.

We are not sure if the students will ever find out about the teacher’s “secret”. Until that day comes, the student will have a fun and exciting lesson about animals and the opportunity to write on the “touchscreen”.

You can watch the video here.


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