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Road bully spits on car that blocked him from cutting queue, gets arrested for driving dangerously

Source: Facebook

The massive traffic during the holiday seasons has tempted many to beat the traffic by soughing to the emergency lanes.

However, it appears that people are fed up with this attitude and are blocking those who are taking advantage of the emergency lanes.

Recently, the 我们是马来西亚人 We are Malaysians Facebook page shared a camera footage that showcased a driver attempting to stop a Toyota Alphard from using the emergency lane.

However, after the Toyota Alphard managed to overtake the driver, he started to bully the driver by trying to spit on the driver’s car.

The incident was reported to have taken place on the Karak highway.

It started when the Toyota Alphard behind the driver closing up the distance with the driver and instead of allowing them to pass by, they attempted to block the Toyota Alphard from using the emergency lane.

The Toyota Alphard then swerves in and out of the lane behind the driver until he managed to overtake him via the emergency lane.

Source: Facebook

Following that, the Toyota Alphard driver lowered his window and tried to spit on the car before continuing down the emergency lane.

However, the incident did not end there. After the driver moved on with his journey, the Toyota Alphard driver showed up again. This time, he was seen in front of the driver and he was swerving between lanes and slamming his breaks multiple times.

At one point, the Toyota Alphard had even blocked 2 lanes in an attempt to spit on the car again.

Source: Facebook

“His window was open while he drank water, appearing to top up his saliva,” the driver wrote.

After the incident went viral, the 43-year-old driver of the Toyota Alphard was arrested by the police for driving dangerously.

The police also urged dashcam owner to give a statement at the Gombak police station.

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