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Malaysia plans to eradicate hardcore poverty in the country by end of 2025

NewsMalaysia plans to eradicate hardcore poverty in the country by end of...

The federal government plans to eradicate hardcore poverty in the country by the end of 2025, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Economy), Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed.

He said this will be done through the Keluarga Malaysia hardcore poverty eradication programme (BMTKM) involving 195,664 families in our country.

According to Bernama, Mustapa said the programme is aimed at improving the lives of the hardcore poor families and having their development monitored, especially their children’s education.

Source: The Malaysian Reserve

He also revealed the statistics regarding the hardcore poor families in Malaysia and the highest number recorded was in Sarawak with 58,611 families, followed by Sabah (31,598 families), Kelantan (28,553 families) and Kedah (15,964 families).

“Generally, the hardcore poor are those getting small income, just enough for them to survive, and we want to eliminate hardcore poverty by the end of 2025, which means at the beginning of 2026 we want to declare that there are no more hardcore poor families in Malaysia.”

Source: Bernama

“We want the (BMTKM) aid to be effective so that they can get out of hardcore poverty. This programme is not only gauged in terms of income, we also want a change of mindset such as making sure their children go to school,” he said.

Earlier, Mustapa met with Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor and visited Kampung Penimbawan in Tuaran, which is among the 10 localities selected for the implementation of BMTKM Phase One in Sabah. The other 9 localities are:

  • Kampung Penangah (Tongod)
  • Kampung Bongkol (Pitas)
  • Kampung Sembirai (Kota Belud)
  • Kampung Tandek (Kota Marudu)
  • Kampung Pelakat (Sipitang)
  • Kampung Binsulok (Beaufort)
  • Kampung Tetabuan (Beluran)
  • Kampung Kaingaran (Ranau)
  • Kampung Lima (Nabawan)

Mustapa said that 80 other localities nationwide, each with 50 families has also been identified for the implementation of BMTKM Phase One. 20 of which are localities in Sarawak and Sabah, with the rest being in Peninsular Malaysia.

Other than that, he also revealed that there would be 3 phases of BMTKM this year, involving a total of 240 localities.

The mechanism of implementation to bring the affected families out of the hardcore poor will be done in collaboration with the state government, district offices and the agencies.

“Every locality has certain needs and strategies. Like Kampung Penimbawan, it is a fishing village, so we provide assistance such as fishing equipment and we will also help them to carry other activities, like livestock farming, which will be identified by the agencies involved,” he said.

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