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“The true meaning of loss” Lonely man’s empty reunion dinner breaks the hearts of Malaysians

Social News“The true meaning of loss” Lonely man's empty reunion dinner breaks the...

It can be unbearable when you lose someone special. Some of us would pay tribute to their departed in the form of photos, memorabilia, and even tattoos.

As for this elderly man, he decided to cope with the loss of his “family” in the most unexpected yet heartbreaking manner.

Recently, an employee from a radio station, Zayan shared a story on their Facebook page about how he and his family met with the lonely man while having supper at a mamak stall at 10.30 pm.

Source: Facebook

“While we were waiting for our order, I noticed how this uncle carefully and diligently arranged the drinks, food, and chairs in such an orderly manner that you’d think he was in the midst of preparing a feast or had obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD),” the writer wrote.

The writer said he originally did not care much as he thought the uncle was waiting for his family and colleagues.

However, no one else turned up at the man’s table and he was eating alone although the writer and his family were almost done with their meal. There were 8 plates of food and 8 glasses of iced tea. The other 7 remained untouched while the uncle ate his own portion.

“We’re not the only ones who noticed it. Other customers saw it too,” he said.

Source: Facebook

Out of curiosity, the writer asked the waiter of the restaurant why he was still by himself with a table laden with food enough for eight people.

According to the waiter, the man would come to the mamak stall at least 2-3 times a week, order eight portions of food and teh ais, then ensure that everything was arranged in an orderly manner.

“He said he’s dining in with his family but we don’t know if they’re still alive,” the waiter said, adding that he never fails to pay in full even when it’s clear that he can’t finish everything by himself.

The lonely man could be seen talking to his “family” while eating and that was when the writer’s wife teared. His children also felt sorry for the man and tried comforting their mother.

“There was a customer who accidentally hit the chair while passing by the uncle but he was not mad. Instead, he calmly re-positioned the chair and continued eating,” the writer added.

To end his post, the writer doesn’t think that the man suffers from any mental illnesses. However, he did pointed out that what he’s been through prior to this.

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