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Local singer Aina Abdul’s ‘expensive’ concert ticket price sparked huge debate among netizens

Social NewsLocal singer Aina Abdul's 'expensive' concert ticket price sparked huge debate among...

Concerts are now allowed after the government has relaxed the Covid-19 SOPs. Just last month, Malaysians have been passionate to grab their hands on Justin Bieber’s concert that is set to be held in October.

Recently, Malaysian singer-songwriter Aina Abdul has announced that tickets for her concert, which will be happening at Istana Budaya on 25 and 26 June, is available for sale. The tickets are priced from RM113 and go all the way up to RM1,247.

However, it appears that some Malaysians think that her tickets were unaffordable.

Source: Ticket2u

The tickets that are priced at RM113 had already been fully sold, while the next cheapest tickets are priced at RM519.

On Twitter, many criticised the singer-songwriter for her ticket pricing. “Aina’s concert at Istana Budaya is damn expensive. The gap from the cheapest to the next is more than 50%,” a netizen said.

“Aina Abdul, who are you again? Yuna’s live at Istana Budaya was way more affordable,” another netizen commented.

Meanwhile, several of her fans have defended Aina and said that her tickets are actually reasonably priced. Many pointed out that Aina is a solo artist who is not tied to a company, thus she has not receive any sponsorships.

“It’s worth it. Aina has not received any sponsorship and Aina does everything by herself. She moves with her crew. All of her songs are made by herself. She’s a singer, composer and songwriter. She made a name for herself.” a fan said.

“She is a solo artist without a company… She is super talented,” another netizen said.

Do you think that Aina’s tickets are priced reasonably? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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