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“Where are the so-called pro-human rights?” Johor Crown Prince slams politicians for being silent about Bella’s abuse case

Social News“Where are the so-called pro-human rights?” Johor Crown Prince slams politicians for...

Last week, the Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Idris Sultan Ibrahim (TMJ) held a discussion with the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development Datuk Seri Rina Harun on the widely-reported Bella’s abuse case.

The outcome of the discussion was a few suggestions on how the government can prevent another home care abuse in the future. Despite all those actions going around, some still decide to stay silent without taking any action.

It was also reported that TMJ has met up with his team of lawyers and a few activists who are currently fighting for the #JusticeForBella movement. One of the activists, Aliff Ahmad, took to his Facebook to share what was discussed during the meeting and it was later posted on Jabatan Netizen Negara’s Instagram page too.


In the post, Aliff praised TMJ for his kindness and at the same time pointed out how the crown prince was baffled by the ongoing case. According to him, TMJ was “curious” about who is Siti Bainun, and why she required 10 lawyers to defend herself against the charges brought by a teenager with special needs.

TMJ later also left a comment on the Jabatan Netizen Negara’s IG regarding the matter, saying, “Even I don’t have 10 lawyers representing me. It’s weird. Anyway, this is just the beginning. The real hero in this case is Bella, and I will help her with all my power. I will also ensure that every child in the country is protected. The Malaysian government must amend the law immediately to protect children.”

Source: Instagram

However, the matter did not end there and TMJ later posted his question via his Instagram story, sending a message to some politicians.

“About Bella’s case. Where are all of the politicians who are so-called pro-human rights? Why are you so quiet? Do you have any connections with Rumah Bonda home care?” he said.

Source: Instagram

He then asked if these home cares are a mechanism used by some parties for money laundering and human trafficking as these politicians and home cares have yet to say anything.

Up till this day, the trial is still on-going, and the authorities are also actively investigating the alleged abuse case.

We hope that the truth will be revealed soon and that the victim of abuse will get her justice.

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