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M’sians slam those who shame pregnant women who don’t fast during Ramadan

Social NewsM'sians slam those who shame pregnant women who don’t fast during Ramadan

Ramadan month is when Muslims across the world would reflect on themselves and learn how to live with hardships by fasting during the Holy Month.

However, there are exceptions for some to not fast as it could prove dangerous to their health and safety.

Recently, Twitter user @jules12anne has taken to social media to condemn those who shame pregnant women for not fasting.

“On Facebook, a friend of mine labelled pregnant women who don’t fast as ‘weak’. Ironically, she’s never been pregnant before.” she wrote in the tweet.

This came after non-Muslims and Muslim women who do not fast receive backlashes in the recent weeks.

Some restaurants even imposed a ban on dine-ins during fasting hours, which then led to massive backlashes from non-Muslims as well as Muslim women who were unable to fast, especially those who are pregnant.

While it is mandatory for Muslims to fast during the Ramadan month, there’s some groups that can be exempt from fasting and they include the elders, people who are sick, also women who are menstruating or pregnant, or breastfeeding mothers.

The tweet from Jules went viral with many netizens sharing their thoughts on it. Some even share how fasting during their pregnancy resulted in some terrible circumstances.

“Last year, I fasted on the first and second day before I stopped. I later found out that a friend of my sibling who fasted during her pregnancy ended up losing their baby even though she felt fine,” a user shared.

“When I fasted last year whilst pregnant when I went for my check-up, the nurse scolded me for fasting. After that, I immediately stopped. I had only found out that pregnant women are not encouraged to fast,” another netizen said.

Some netizens also called out those who shamed pregnant women who do not fast as “weak”. “It’s always those who have never been pregnant are the ones that say the most. But when they’re pregnant then they’re the weakest,” a netizen said.

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