Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Fahmi Reza announces to sell his ‘Monyet Istana’ as NFT to raise legal aid for others

Social NewsFahmi Reza announces to sell his ‘Monyet Istana’ as NFT to raise...

Political artist and activist Fahmi Reza was recently arrested for his artwork showing an image of Mojo Jojo, a villainous character from the kids’ show Powerpuff Girls, in a yellow royal garb that resembles the attire worn by the sultan.

Following his arrest, Fahmi reveals that he has since been listed on the immigration department’s blacklisted and banned from travelling abroad.

In a Twitter post on 24 April, he announced that he will be selling his artwork as an NFT to raise funds to help others get legal aid.

He said that the NFT artwork titled ‘Monyet Istana’ (Palace Monkey) will be sold for 0.05 BNB (≈RM86), with all the proceeds going to the Freedom of Expression Legal Defence Fund.

The legal fund will help support fellow Malaysians who are investigated and prosecuted for exercising their right to freedom of expression.

He added that he will not take a single cent from the NFT sale and the sale of the Monyet Istana will be launched on 26 April.

Following his announcement, it appears that people have started selling fake ‘Money Istana’ NFTs on trading platform OpenSea.

Meanwhile, netizens expressed their support and enquired how they could purchase the artwork.

Previously, Fahmi refused to sell his artwork as NFTs as he said he wasn’t doing his artwork to gain profits. He added that he is doing it to raise political consciousness for free.

Back in January, Fahmi asked his followers, “A lot of people have asked me to make or join NFTs. But why? Why do you want to own then as NFTs?”

However, in February, he informed his followers to stop asking him to sell his political graphics as NFTs. His change of heart then took a few netizens by surprise and caused temporary confusion.

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