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Batu Ferringhi beaches left in terrible state after litterbug’s visit

Social NewsBatu Ferringhi beaches left in terrible state after litterbug's visit

Malaysia has a stubborn problem with littering despite the authorities creating awareness of the possible pollution it causes.

Recently, it was found that the multiple beaches in Penang were covered in trash and the Penang Island City Council (MBPP) cleaning workers had to spend over 5 hours picking up the food containers and wrappers from the sand.

Taking it to their official Facebook page, the Penang Island City Council shared a series of images of the Lone Pine and Golden Sands beach in Batu Ferringhi.


“This morning (18 April), the Penang City Council cleaning staff were stunned and shocked by the condition of Lone Pine Beach and Golden Sands, Batu Feringghi, which is full of rubbish.”

“There are still many irresponsible visitors littering the beach by deliberately leaving beverage containers (plastic bottles), food wrappers and so on floating around. This unusual situation is the result of visitors partying uncontrollably on the beach.” MBPP wrote.

Source: Facebook

MBPP also said took 10 cleaning workers more than 5 hours to collect and sweep up all the rubbish and to restore the cleanliness of the beach area.

“MBPP hopes such an incident will not happen again in future. We urge all visitors to all tourism spots to take responsibility by looking after the cleanliness,” it added.

MBPP said it would not hesitate to take punitive action against litterbugs.

Meanwhile, netizens were quick to point out that this mess was done by the foreigners who had thronged the beach on 16 April.

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