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Abang Qu claims Dato’ Seri Vida blocked him after their Music Video collaboration

The drama between Dato’ Seri Vida and her now-former “Personal Assistant”, Abang Qu, seems to be far from from over, The latter has responded to the wealthy businesswoman’s claims about him deliberately causing a scene to gain more followers online.

Abang Qu (full name Syed Qusyayry Syed Mahmud Iskandar, or simply Qush) stated that he doesn’t feel the need to gain instant popularity as he already has his own following on his personal social media accounts.

“I’ve never been involved in any controversies in the past. I also have no interest in sensational stories. I only wanted to shed some light on the real situation (between me and DS Vida). There’s no need for me to gain fame because I already have my own followers on my social media,” the influencer said.

Additionally, the 26-year-old said that he’s not pressured by all the questions left by netizens. In fact, Qusy revealed that he’s grateful for the overwhelming amount of support from the people around him. According to him, “When someone asks (about Vida), I’ll immediately give an honest answer so that people will understand the real situation.”

“Despite having to issue my response several times, I don’t feel pressured. It’s easier to explain to others (about the controversy) so that I can just carry on with my life as usual,” he remarked. “I’m grateful that my family and friends have always been very supportive. Even those who have been following me (online) are also very understanding on the matter.” 

Qusy further revealed that he has yet to make amends with his former boss. Apparently, he had been blocked by the Qu Puteh founder online. He commented. “How can I make peace with her if she has already decided to cut ties? I don’t have any issues with her, and I don’t want to fight with anyone.”

He then concluded the chat by saying, “Maybe one day, I’ll meet Vida myself to thank her.”


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