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Netizens slam woman for recording fire at Subang flat and not doing anything

Social NewsNetizens slam woman for recording fire at Subang flat and not doing...

The modern-day bystander effect is a phenomenon in which people are less likely to help someone in an emergency due to the presence of the bystanders around them.

This is exactly what happened in a recent fire that has taken place in a flat at Subang Bestari. The viral video showed a motorcycle with its basket on fire, which later cause the front of a flat unit to burn.

The video was later shared by Balai Bomba Dan Penyelamat Sungai Buloh on their Facebook page, as they condemn the owner of the video.

They wrote, “This case happened in the Subang Bestari area, firefighters received a complaint of a burning motorcycle beneath a block at a flat.”

“Firefighters rushed to the scene and found that the motorcycle was about 50% burnt. Unfortunately, the motorcycle was right in front of the entrance of a unit, it later caused the items kept at the front door and the front door to be burnt completely.”

The department then shared that the video was taken by a woman who was passing by.

“Unfortunately, the woman passing by only recorded the situation and went home to tell her husband about it. She also upload the recording onto the flat management WhatsApp group,”

“The quick action of the Joint Management Body (JMB) and the residents to put out the fire before firefighters arrived should be praised as the fiery situation, if left as it was, would have caused a bigger fire to the unit and cause larger losses,” they added.

The department also advised the public to be more attentive in preventing a fire.


In the comment section, netizens slammed the woman for only alerting the people of the fire and doing nothing to help in the situation.

“The person recording is useless. What’s wrong with helping to put out the fire or calling people for help?” a netizen said.

“Seems that it was set on fire intentionally.” another netizen commented.

Do you think the woman should have at least alerted the firefighters? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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