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Malaysian Model MsPui Yi receives 400 e-mails from men asking to be her boyfriend

MsPuiyi (Siew Pui Yi) has collected quite a few achievements within this year alone. For instance, she made it onto Penthouse’s magazine cover and debuted her single “Men-Mory”. However, she’s still gunning for one more thing. MsPuiyi is looking for a boyfriend.

By now, it’s not surprising to know that despite her controversial methods, Pui Yi has managed to secure a lot of fanboys on the internet. Recently, Pui Yi revealed that she is looking for a boyfriend and that anyone interested can simply send her an e-mail.

In a YouTube video that was posted on Wednesday (20 April), Pui Yi revealed that she received around 400 e-mails from men who sent her their resumes. Generally, men who reached out to the Malaysian model revealed their basic information, including monthly salary & their personalities. 

In the 17-minute video that you can watch below, Pui Yi spent most of the time “reviewing” the men who expressed their interest in going out with her. Among the 400 applicants, 1 of them is too good looking but unfortunately, he is only 17-years-old while Pui Yi herself is 23.

However, for privacy purposes, all their faces and names have been censored.

Near the end of the video, Pui Yi made a decision and shortlisted 15 lucky applicants. However, the crown eventually went to 1 guy, who Pui Yi admitted shares a major resemblance to her ex-boyfriend. Without wasting time, she decided to reach out to the man who made it to the top of the list.

Well, after that video, it’s clear to see why Lim Shang Jin didn’t make the cut. MsPuiyi’s type is apparently sleepy looking guys with a nice body, has the ability to drink, and has tattoos. If you’re one of the lucky few who made it, congrats and good luck for round 2.

If you’re wondering about the remaining shortlisted candidates, Pui Yi revealed that not all chances are lost. 

“My agent & assistant will reach out to you. From there, we’ll see what’s next. Maybe 1 of you can be my boyfriend,” she said.

Check out MsPuiyi’s full video here:


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